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The Rundown -- November 21


# RFE/RL mentioned in "New York Times" for its coverage of Gulnara Karimova intrigue
# Slate cites Mark Baker's post on Facebook "recognizing" Kosovo as a country
# "Seattle Times" cites reporting of Arbana Vidishiqi and Antoine Blua on Albania's refusal to take Syrian chemical weapons
# Read Heather Maher's interview with Peter Savodnik on Oswald, in "The Atlantic"
Middle East
# Eleven soldiers killed in Egypt suicide bombing
# "Lebanon and the Long Reach of Syria's Conflict" - Dexter Filkins, "New Yorker"
# U.S. "uncomfortable" with Khamenei's "rabid dog" statement
# Sixty-four percent of Americans support nuclear deal with Iran
# "Let's Make a Deal" - Thomas Friedman, "New York Times"
# Israel and Gulf's "strange alliance" against Iran
# Eleven things you "need to know" about Iran talks
# Kabul and Washington agree on deal; full text
# U.S. Afghanistan projects will "fall apart when we leave"
# "Looking Away from Genocide" - Gary Bass, "New Yorker"
# Netanyahu in Moscow to lobby Russia on Iran
# Nine more Greenpeace activists granted bail
# U.S.-Arab "strains" give Moscow chance at clout
# Russia's "malaise" in five charts
Eastern Europe
# Ukraine's "East-West Tug of War" - Oksana Grytsenko and Shaun Walker, "Guardian"
# On the morality of economic pressure-points
Central Asia
# "Kazakhstan Bets Its Oil Riches on Railroads" - Keith Brasher, "New York Times"
Of Interest
# Facebook driving much more traffic to news sites
# "Old Poland, New Nationalism" - Artur Domoslawski, "New York Times"