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The Rundown -- November 27

RFE/RL in the Media
# Bloomberg cites RFE/RL Ukrainian Service on student strikes
# Reuters cites RFE/RL in story on search for Robert Levinson
# ThinkProgress cites a Radio Farda interview with an Iranian rights activist
# Read Golnaz Esfandiari in "The Atlantic" on Rohani's own "Yes We Can" video
Middle East
# Syrian refugees now facing nearly unbearable hardships in Egypt
# Benghazi militia, tied to Embassy attack, forced to flee
# "The Cost of Smart Power" - Susan Glasser, Politico
# Egypt's John Stewart on Comedy and Politics
# "The Nuclear Deal With Iran Was About Trust, Not Verification" - Kenneth Pollack, "Foreign Affairs"
# "Bringing Home Dad" - Dan Levinson, "Washington Post"
# "How to Flirt in Iran" - Kiana Hayeri, Newsweek
# "Why Hawks Should Love the Iran Deal" - David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy
# Saudi Arabia eyes nukes
# In interview with RFE/RL, Karzai continues to insist he'll hold off signing security pact
# "Karzaiā€™s Bet: U.S. Is Bluffing" - Rod Nordland and Alissa Rubin, "New York Times"
# Pakistan releases three senior Taliban commanders
# Pakistan begins building nuclear plant with China
# Turkish soap invasion in Pakistan
# Russia wants U.S. to investigate alleged abuse of 26 children adopted from Russia
# U.S. has known since 2012 that Russia violated nuclear arms treaty
# Is Lavrov "trolling?"
# Russia's soccer pitches are not in good shape
# Peter Pomerantsev on Russia's "sistema"
# Yanukovych defends decision in television address
# Ukrainian PM says no final deal with Russia on financial support
# Secret service van in disguise attacked by protesters
# Now Putin says Russia will "respect Ukraine's choice"
# Russia agrees to lift candy embargo
# Two Belarusian military instructors shot in Yemen
# State-funded anti-abortion ad causes controversy in Macedonia
# Azerbaijan sentences 29 for "Islamist plots"
# Azerbaijan Islamic banking law could be ready by 2014
Central Asia
# More Russian conspiracy theories on U.S. in Central Asia
# Family that survived Andijan celebrates first Thanksgiving as American citizens
# Turkmenistan hopes to export potash fertilizer to India
Of Interest
# The campaign to "stop digital arms"
# "In Myanmar, Newly Free Media Struggle to Turn a Profit" - Thomas Fuller, "New York Times"