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The Rundown -- December 3

RFE/RL in the Media

# "New York Times" cites Glenn Kates and RFE/RL liveblog coverage of events in Ukraine and uses Ukrainian service video
# Read Daisy Sindelar in "The Atlantic" on Ukraine's players behind the scenes
# Yanukovych "wounded"
# At least five members of the ruling Party of Regions have left the faction since Saturday
# Are Ukrainian protesters putting too much hope in Europe?
# Maidan - what's in a name?
# "The Hard Limits of Economic Power" - Dan Drezner, Foreign Policy
# Vodka prices to rise again
# Why Russians resist AA
# Lots of things are still not working in Sochi
# "Why Ukraine's Revolution Won't Spread to Russia" - Andrei Tselikov, Global Voices
Eastern Europe
# Belarusian FM says dialogue with EU should take place without "preconditions"
# Moscow police free six Moldovan women from sex-trafficking ring
# Iran police chief criticizes officials for using blocked social networking sites
# "Iran and the Nuclear Reality" - Walter Pincus, "Washington Post"
# For opponents of deal, first week supplied "nonstop stream of news confirming their worst fears"
# Filmmaker on embedding with Royal Marines in Afghanistan
# OSCE Afghanistan plan set for approval
# "Light at end of the tunnel" says outgoing Pakistani Ambassador to India
# DNA helps identify victims of Bosnia genocide
# Putin faces protests during Armenia visit
# Gallup says Bulgaria and Armenia lead world in "suffering"
Of Interest
# White House press corps reacts to AIDS in 1982
# Buzzfeed gets 130 million unique visitors in a month