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The Rundown -- December 4

RFE/RL in the Media

# "Jerusalem Post" quotes RFE/RL Ukrainian Service coverage of protests
# "A Readers Guide to the Protests in Ukraine" - Kathy Lally, "Washington Post"
# "How the EU Pushed Ukraine East" - Nicolai Petro, "New York Times"
# Five charts meant to help explain what's happening
# Protests increase risk of currency crisis
Eastern Europe
# Kerry visits Moldova for a few hours -- more time than he spent in Ukraine
# Belarus opposition to hold rally in support of Ukraine protesters
# Russian liberals watch Ukraine with envy
# At 61 percent, Putin's approval at lowest level since 2000
# Russia will offer Ukraine cheaper gas if it joins its customs union
# Putin says arctic presence necessary to guard against U.S. threat
# Ahmadinejad challenges Rohani to debate
# Iran wants to "immediately" export more oil once sanctions lifted
# "The Case for Giving Iran's Scholar-Diplomats a Chance" - Moises Naim, "The Atlantic"
# Report says Iran asked Israel for help in soothing ties with the U.S. in 2006
# Iraq FM talks to Afghan counterparts about why security agreement with the U.S. failed
# Iran publicly opposes U.S-Afghanistan deal
# Pakistan protests threaten NATO supply routes to Afghanistan
# The man who warned Congress about Pakistan nuclear weapons in the 1980s
# Azerbaijan calls for fight against "corrupting influence of the West"
# "Syrian Crisis Threatens to Tear Azerbaijan Apart" - Aaron Kovac, "Washington Times"
# Putin, on visit, cuts gas prices for Armenia
Central Asia
# Turkmen and Uzbek leaders get along
# Tito statue rises in Skopje
Of Interest
# The robot-generated newspaper
# How to build a news app