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The Rundown -- December 5

RFE/RL in the Media
# Read Tom Balmforth in "The Atlantic" on the Ukraine protest headquarters at city hall
# Protesting Ukrainians using Facebook for domestic organization and twitter for international outreach, says report
# Protesters find "ally" in Orthodox Church
# AP Profiles Klitschko
Eastern Europe
# "Story of a homosexual" in Belarus wins German award
# FM Lavrov criticizes "aggressive" Ukraine protests and NATO statement
# Saudi spy chief meets with Putin to discuss Syria
# Russia says it may offer amnesty to Khodorkovsky and Pussy Riot
# Dancer gets six years for acid attack at Bolshoi
# Snowden gives Russia pretext for more domestic spying
Middle East
# A U.S. reply to terrorists online
# Major Hezbollah figure assassinated in Beirut
# Congressman says "tactical nuclear devices" should be used in hypothetical war with Iran
# Zarif visiting Gulf state rivals
# Iran wants U.S. companies to develop oil fields
# Outburst of violence in the Middle East after Iran deal
# "Iran's Economic Crossroads" - Vali Nasr, "New York Times"
# "The Use and Abuse of Sanctions" - Lee Smith, "The Weekly Standard"
# Pakistani CIA informant says there is quiet support for drones in tribal areas
# "Pakistan's Next Top General" - Omar Waraich, "New Yorker"
# New probe into regional headquarters in Afghanistan
# Stanford-backed Afghanistan legal education program faces challenges
# Afghanistan tied with North Korea in corruption index
# "Afghanistan: Risking a Collapse" - Anatol Lieven, "New York Review of Books"
Central Asia
# Uzbek energy company probed for oil theft
# Turk and Armenian will attempt to break record for longest handshake in Georgia
# On Croatia gay marriage referendum
# Russia aluminum tycoon sues Montenegro
Of Interest
# Only five percent of world languages used online