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The Rundown -- December 6

RFE/RL in the Media
# ThinkProgress cites RFE/RL's coverage of protests in Ukraine
# Ria Novosti cites RFE/RL in coverage of the EU's call for renegotiation of South Stream deals
# First mention in "New York Times"
# "New Yorker" cover
# Crossfire debate on Mandela in 1990 (at 6 mins)
# Yanukovych seeks aid from Xi
# Nuland calls for "constitutional" solution to crisis
# "The West must act" - "The Economist"
# "Ukraine: Responding to a Meltdown" - Andrew Weiss, The National Interest
Eastern Europe
# "Kerry Vows to Help Moldova Hew to the West" - Michael Gordon, "New York Times"
# Russian media deride Kerry's Moldova trip
# Forty-nine Russian diplomats charged with healthcare fraud in U.S.
# Ukraine makes Russia-NATO ties more difficult
# Despite Lavrov comments, U.S. still intent on building missile shield
Middle East
# "Al Qaeda Emerges Among Egypt's Turmoil" - Mohannad Sabry, Al Monitor
# "When I Wore the Hijab: Power and the Headscarf" - Abdullah Hamidaddin, Al Arabiya
# Wave of arrests of internet activists by Revolutionary Guards
# State TV attacks Jon Stewart and his upcoming movie
# Kerry in Israel to pitch Iran deal
# No change of heart for Karzai after meeting with U.S. envoy
# Millions said to be wasted on failed propaganda campaigns in Afghanistan
# "Zero option" possible says Joint Chiefs chair, but not planned yet
# Afghan militants joining Syria's civil war
# "Pakistan's NATO Truck Blockade Elicits Shouts and Shrugs" - Zulfiqar Ali and Mark Magnier, "Los Angeles Times"
# Khan calls ties with U.S. "slavery not friendship"
# Bosnia united around World Cup
Central Asia
# Kazakhstan hopes to be in top 20 in winter Olympics
# Distillation unit, invented in Kazakhstan, to be used to help find life on Mars
Of Interest
# American isolationism at "50 year high"