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The Rundown -- December 17

RFE/RL in the Media

# Reuters opinion piece says RFE/RL should give a greater voice to ethnic minorities in Iran
# UPI cites RFE/RL interview with CIS official who said Turkmenistan elections were "fair"
# Yanukovych visits Russia today, where he's likely to get credit, discounts for natural gas
# Perspective from the pro-government protesters in Ukraine
# Anders Aslunds's modest proposal to fix Ukraine's financial crisis
# An interview with Klitschko, who is giving up his boxing title
# Bildt says Russian threat like U.S. telling Mexico it will pull out of NAFTA
# Adam Michnik talks the Ukrainian question
# Poll: Only one percent of Russians actively interested in politics
# South Stream is "viable but legally risky"
# Russia deploys Iskander missiles to Kaliningrad
Eastern Europe
# "Bullied by Russia, But Resolute" - Celestine Bohlen, "New York Times"
Middle East
# Car bomb hits Hezbollah stronghold
# Detailed map of Syrian IDP and refugee camps
# Rohani's power limited at home
# Last known man to see Levinson alive says he was detained by plainclothes police
# Saudi prince demands Gulf states play direct role in talks with Iran
# Cameron declares "mission accomplished"
# Karzai presses for Indian investment
# Pakistani Shi'ite cleric shot dead in reprisal
# In anti-terror move, imports of phones must be approved by Pakistani telecom agency
# Pakistani man, frustrated with government, turns to Taliban with request to help free kidnapped son
# Vice profiles Altaf Hussain
Central Asia
# Ninety-one percent turnout for Turkmen vote
Of Interest
# Why reporters should know how to code