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The Rundown -- January 16

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Jan. 15
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RFE/RL Video Roundup - Jan. 15

RFE/RL in the Media
# Satter coverage continues: Interviewed on CNN's "The Situation Room;" NBC; and Le Monde (French)
# The Blaze cites RFE/RL report on a reward in Chechnya for naming your baby Muhammad
Middle East
# "The Bluster of Al-Qaeda Hides a Litany of Failure" - David Gardner, "Financial Times"
# "Training Fighters of the Future Across Gaza" - Fares Akram, "New York Times"
# Political cartoon on Egypt vote
# How Men in Saudi Arabia Flirt Without Getting Thrown in Jail
# Militants making gains in Anbar as Iraq attacks kills 73
# "Bad old days" return to Baghdad
# Zarif honors Hezbollah commander
# Controversial tweet deleted from Rohani's account
# Obama tries to convince Democratic senators to hold off on sanctions bill
# "Obama's Losing Bet on Iran" - Michael Doran and Max Boot, "New York Times"
# "In Afghanistan, An Alternate Approach to a Security Pact" - Stephen Hadley, "Washington Post"
# Britain grants asylum to Afghan atheist
# "Controversy of Apostasy in Afghanistan" - Dawood Azami, BBC
# Children allegedly found chained up in Pakistan MP's basement
# American hostage seen in "proof of life" video
# The lawyer who represents Pakistan's military rulers
# 65, 000 foreigners deported from Russia in 2013
# Militants and security forces die in North Caucasus shootout
# Russia accuses EU of aggressive promotion of nontraditional values
# A brief history of Russia's battle against terrorism
# Skype to share user data with Russian police
Eastern Europe
# Ukraine opens kidnapping charges against Tymoshenko lawyer
# Ukraine court bans protests in central Kyiv
# Senators criticize Obama administration handling of Ukraine crisis
# Belarus ambulance doctors are "underpaid and overworked"
# Bosnia opens library to house ancient manuscripts
# "For a Native Son of Bosnia, a Serenade in Australia" - Ben Rothenberg, "New York Times"
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