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The Rundown -- February 6

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Feb. 5
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RFE/RL Video Roundup - Feb. 5

RFE/RL in the Media

# "Moscow Times" mentions Russia's restrictions on RFE/RL Russian Service broadcasts
# "Moscow Times" also cites RFE/RL for reporting on Prague city officials boycotting Yanukovych visit and threats to bloggers in Russia
# "An Olympics in the Shadow of a Warzone" - Steven Lee Myers, "New York Times"
# NBC reporter's computers hacked almost immediately upon arriving in Sochi
# Russia blocks Chobani yogurt delivery to U.S. athletes
# Is criticism of Russia's anti-gay law over the top?
# "Why Sochi?" - Christian Caryl, "New York Review of Books"
# Cossack defending Olympic venues: "We're looking for drunks and blacks"
# Pressure on Canada to provide financial support to Ukraine
# Ukraine's currency in free-fall
# Ashton says Ukraine crisis is far from over
Eastern Europe
# Moldova has the highest alcohol consumption per capita in the world, according to this map
# Obamacare's "Belarusian connection"
# Belarus "propaganda film" may be a response to Viva Belarus
Middle East
# A terror group too brutal for al-Qaeda?
# "America Must Assuage Saudi Anxiety" - Vali Nasr, "New York Times"
# Head of Iranian state TV accused of trying to block Rohani interview
# Iran may be willing to modify its Arak reactor
# In Munich, Israel stayed in the room while Iran spoke
# Iran execution of poet further darkens human rights record - Freedom House
# Anbar Sunnis seeking refuge among Shi'ites of Karbala
# Iraq's insurgency shows staying power
# This chart shows just how bad things are getting in Iraq
# "Even the Kurds are Turning Away From the U.S." - Michael Rubin, "Commentary"
# Taliban "seem to be winning" in Afghanistan and Pakistan
# "Pakistan's Drift Toward Isolation" - Talat Masood, Express Tribune
# "Don't hold your breadth" on Pakistan-Taliban peace
# Taliban says there will be "no peace" until Pakistan embraces Islamic law
Central Asia
# Kazakhstan doubles minimum price for hard alcohol
# Suicide in Azerbaijan brings LGBT community out of the closet
# Italy's Kosovo embassy embroiled in organized crime sweep
# Macedonia adopts castration bill for pedophiles
Of Interest
# What can make audio go viral? NPR experiments