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The Rundown -- February 17

RFE/RL in the Media

# Read Daisy Sindelar in "The Atlantic" on why Ukraine's opposition leaders are getting sprayed with green antiseptic
# Daily News Egypt and Japan Times cite RFE/RL reporting on execution of Iranian poet
# UPI cites RFE/RL on anti-Valentine's Day protests in Pakistan
# Global Voices cites RFE/RL Balkans Service coverage of Bosnia protests
# Euronews uses RFE/RL Kazakh Service video from currency devaluation protests in Almaty
# Russia arrests moderate Circassian leader
# Jailed Sochi environmental activist starts hunger strike
# Russia's Olympic Park needs change -- "in the most literal sense"
# Kerry slams Russia for "enabling" Assad
# Mapping the languages of the North Caucasus
# Opposition leaves city hall but plans march on parliament
# Crimea leans on Moscow for support
# Lviv basically functioning as if Yanukovych government doesn't exist
# Would Saudi Arabia develop nuclear weapons in response to Iran deal?
# Rohani supporters frustrated with slow pace of reforms
# Muqtada Al-Sadr leaving politics
# Teaching Syrian refugees to ski in Iraqi Kurdistan
# Iraqi Kurdish government snubs Syrian Kurdish group
# Profile of Afghan teenager on her own in the U.S.
# The backlash over women's rights
# Karachi residents living in fear as Taliban gains strength
# A misleading message from pictures of Pakistan's old days
Central Asia
# American hunter pays $50,000 to hunt rare Marco Polo sheep in Tajikistan and gets ripped off even more
# Customs Union to ban laced underwear
# "Sports Illustrated" long-read on Caucasus and conflict
# Georgia may take part in CAR peacekeeping effort
Of Interest
# The online drinking game that's causing panic in the UK
# Incredible archive audio: Boston Symphony Orchestra announces assassination of JFK