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The Rundown -- February 20

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Feb. 19
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RFE/RL Video Roundup - Feb. 19

RFE/RL in the Media

# "New York Times" credits RFE/RL several times for Ukraine coverage
# "USA Today" and "Washington Post" cite RFE/RL Ukrainian Service interview with Yanukovych adviser
# Video of "burning" Kyiv used by "Belfast Telegraph"
# Brian Whitmore's "Power Vertical" podcast and blog cited by "Newsweek" and The Spectator for Ukraine and Russia analysis
# Yanukovych and opposition agree on truce
# "Guardian" op-ed says "fascists, oligarchs and western expansion" at heart of crisis
# "Among the Conspiracy Theorists" - Peter Pomerantsev, "London Review of Books"
# Ukraine "dependent" on Russia for debt obligations
# Ukraine athletes in Sochi dealing with crisis at home
# Western diplomat calls Russian money in Ukraine a "crack pipe"
# Pussy Riot whipped by Cossacks
# American-born athlete wins gold for Russia
# Russia's dream of Olympic hockey ends; coach says he should be eaten alive
# Diplomats agree to agenda and timetable for final Iran deal
# U.S. portrayal of nuclear talks "rankles" Iran
# Saving Iran's largest lake a priority for Rohani
# "The Iran I saw — in 781 days in Evin Prison" - Josh Fattal, "LA Times" h
# Al-Sadr, "out of politics," calls al-Maliki a tyrant
# Why are so many military translators still stuck in Afghanistan?
# A plurality of Americans now consider the Afghanistan war a mistake
# Uncertain future for Afghanistan's Sikhs
# On the relationship between Obama and Karzai
# Hamid Karzai has a lot on his mind (photo)
# Over 100 Pakistani soldiers killed in last five months of Taliban fighting
# For Azerbaijan government, Sochi is all about "being there"
# Azerbaijan sees decrease in tobacco smuggling
# Turkish FM says border with Armenia won't be reopened until Karabakh retreat
Central Asia
# Kazakhstan central bank urges calm
# Uzbekistan rejects allegations of religious persecution
Of Interest
# Buzzfeed has quizzes and now everyone likes quizzes
# What to do when your video is winning social media, but it’s a copy that’s getting the clicks?
# Facebook to acquire WhatsApp for $16 billion
# Map of journalists imprisoned by country