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The Rundown -- March 3

Ukraine -- An armed man stands near a Ukrainian military base in Simferopol, March 3, 2014
Ukraine -- An armed man stands near a Ukrainian military base in Simferopol, March 3, 2014
RFE/RL in the Media

# cites Kocharyan in answer to a question by an RFE/RL Armenian Service correspondent.
# The Daily Beast quotes RFE/RL in it's article "Russia Stages a Coup in Crimea."
# Kimberly Marten of The Foreign Affairs mentions RFE/RL's Daisy Sindelar in her piece: "Putin's Biggest Mistake."

Afghanistan / Pakistan
# Taliban Move Brings Halt to Airstrikes in Pakistan New York Times
# Suicide Bombers Kill 11 in Pakistani Capital New York Times
# Altered Letter Fools Afghans and 10 Flee From Prison New York Times
# Tension grows over Iranian guards seized in Pakistan Times
# INTERVIEW - Karzai says U.S.-Afghan relationship ‘has been at a low point for a long time’ Washington Post
# PROFILE - Mamnoon Hussain: Pakistan's 'invisible' president BBC

Eastern Europe
# Tiraspol: Back in the U.S.S.R. Moscow Times

# Georgian Soldiers Go to Africa Jamestown


# Despite its problems, Ukraine is a prize for Russia, Europe Washington Post
# Ukrainian Government Rushes to Dampen Secessionist Sentiment New York Times
# Putin Engages in Test of Will Over Ukraine New York Times
# Russia watchers say military manoeuvre was long in the making Financial Times
# In Crimea’s Phantom War, Armed Men Face Unseen Foe New York Times
# Pressure Rising as Obama Works to Rein In Russia New York Times
# Comparing the Crimea conflict with the Georgia-Russia situation of 2008 Washington Post
# EDITORIAL Russia’s Aggression New York Times
# EDITORIAL A second cold war threatens Europe Financial Times
# NICHOLAS BURNS The US and EU have options to outmanoeuvre Russia Financial Times
# CHARLES KING Crimea, the Tinderbox New York Times
# EDWARD LUCE Putin cooks up Obama’s chicken Kiev moment Financial Times
# ANALYSIS - Why punishing Putin is testing Obama BBC
# TIMELINE - Ukraine crisis BBC
# MAPS - Ukraine crisis BBC

Of Interest

# A Landmark Oscar Win for ‘12 Years a Slave’ New York Times
# Anti-slavery film wins Hollywood’s top honor Financial Times
# FACTBOX - List of key Oscar winners Reuters