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The Rundown -- March 10

RFE/RL in the Media

# RFE/RL reporting on Ukraine cited in NPR, "USA Today," International Business Times and "The Atlantic"
# Anne Applebaum suggests increased funding for RFE/RL in "The Telegraph"
# Read Rim Gilfanov in Al Jazeera on the stakes for Crimean Tatars
# Rival rallies in Crimea hold different visions for the peninsula's future
# Hague warns of "real shooting conflict"
# Why Crimea "might be worse off" under Russian rule
# New Ukraine government looks to avoid past pitfalls
# EU foreign policy after Ukraine
# "The Age-Old Connection Between Russia and Ukraine Is Over" - Vitaly Portnikov, "The New Republic"
# Photo: Billboard presents choice between Ukraine/Russia
# Video: Khodorkovsky emotional in address to Maidan: "There's another Russia"
# Russian Ambassador says ethnic-Russian Latvians may more easily attain visas
# "Russia Power Plays" - Lynnley Browning, "Newsweek"
# Crimean Tatar parliamentarian says Russia risks jihad
# Iceland PM says conflict could cause problems with Arctic cooperation
# "Russia Has Already Lost the War" - Chrystia Freeland, "New York Times"
# Ashton in Iran to discuss nuclear deal
# Can moderates in Iran hold off extremists?
# Iranian Sunnis complain of discrimination
# Attitudes towards capital punishment shifting in Iran
# Video: Life as an "illegal" rock star in Iran
# New fiction explores terror and violence in Iraq
# Afghan Vice President dies
# Abdullah Abdullah defends troops in Afghanistan
# "Is Afghanistan Really Impossible to Conquer?" - William Dalrymple, BBC
# How Pakistan's moves against the Taliban could complicate Afghan ties
# Pakistan's first women-only bus
# Serbia's economy fraught
# "Serbia Deserves Its EU Dream" - "Financial Times" editorial
Central Asia
# Loan woman protests detention of children in Kazakhstan
# Ukraine crisis brings more risk to Kazakhstan devaluation
# NGO alliance brings HPV shots to Uzbekistan in 2015
# How Uzbek media covers the Ukraine conflict
Of Interest
# What's new in digital and social media research