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The Rundown -- March 21

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Mar. 20
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RFE/RL Video Roundup - Mar. 20

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# Read Luke Allnutt's review of "Now I Know Who My Comrades Are" in the "Wall Street Journal"
# "Times of Israel" mentions Radio Farda interview with Shimon Peres
# Ukraine may get unfettered trade access to EU by April
# "Ukraine's Broken Nuclear Promises" - Owen Matthews, "Newsweek"
# Crimean Tatars asked to vacate lands
# Moscow moves to destabilize east. But it will not so easily break to Moscow
# Ukraine orders Maidan "self-defense" groups to turn in guns by Friday
# How new sanctions against Puin's inner circle will hurt
# Putin taking vengeance out on Russian liberals
# "The Economics of Limiting Russia's Expansion" - Peter Boone and Simon Johnson, "New York Times"
# The logic behind Obama's step-by-step approach to sanctions
# Where they stand: EU countries on sanctions against Russia
# Timchenko sold his 43 percent stake in Gunvor on Wednesday
# Should Germany get Kaliningrad?
Eastern Europe
# Will Moldova be the next flashpoint? McCain says it's the country to watch
# Belarus and Kazakhstan share CIS presidency in absence of Ukraine
# Turkey bans Twitter, 12 hours after Erdogan said he would "eradicate it"
# In 2013, Twitter ranked 8th in the world in active Twitter use
# Photo: Protesters painting DNS numbers onto photos of governing party members
# Is Iran building an aircraft carrier just to blow it up?
# Crimea makes Iran talks "awkward"
# Lawyer who investigated Iran-Contra scandal dies
# Israel says Iranian Jews missing since 1990s were murdered
# Iraq child marriage bill sparks outrage
# Afghanistan frees 77 prisoners despite warnings
# Serena Hotel attacked by gunmen
Central Asia
# The Crimean Tatars of Uzbekistan
# Kazakhstan to spend $55 million on embassy building in Paris
# Kosovo offers benefits to wartime rape victims
# How will Vucic wield his power?
Of Interest
# Why The Verge doesn't give its reporters metrics