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The Rundown -- March 24

RFE/RL in the Media

# Dr. Mohammed Bdaiwi Owaid Al-Shammari, Radio Free Iraq's Baghdad bureau chief, was shot dead on Saturday; RFE/RL statement
# "The Hill" mentions possible expansion of RFE/RL and VOA in Ukraine
# Business Insider cites RFE/RL map of Putin's version of Russia ties in the former Soviet Union
# Breitbart cites Mike Scollon's piece comparing "Muppets Most Wanted" to recent Crimea events
# The Commentator cites Daisy Sindelar's piece on Putin's untruths in Crimea address
# White House warns Russian troops may be massing to invade Ukraine
# Hundreds of Crimean Tatars have fled to Western Ukraine
# Ukrainians start sex boycott of Russian men
# Karzai tells congressional delegation he supports Crimea's right to self-determination
# Ukraine's foreign minister says chances of war with Russia are increasing
# Dueling funerals side-by-side in Crimea
# "The Mafia Ruling Ukraine's Mobs" - Jamie Dettmer, Daily Beast
# Why is Putin doing what he's doing?
# U.S. exporters feel chill in Russia orders
# How the sanctions could backfire
# "Confronting Putin's Russia" - Michael McFaul, "New York Times"
# Does Crimea have a right to self determination?
# Russia hires Goldman as corporate broker to boost image
# Dozhd holding weeklong telethon to try to stay in business
Eastern Europe
# NATO commander warns of Russia threat to Transdniestra
# Born in the U.S., but playing for Iran in the World Cup
# Khamenei denies Holocaust in Nowruz speech
# Rare glimpse of Iran's lost underworld
# Iran says fake aircraft carrier is for a movie
# As U.S. war ends, Russia returns with investments in Afghanistan
# 1980s-era mine kills five children in Afghanistan
# Afghanistan's first spaceman returns home
# "Afghanistan Is Doing Better Than You Think"- Michael O'Hannlon, Politico
# Pakistan erases entire "New York Times" cover story on bin Laden
# Pakistani politician reportedly turned up on U.S. no-fly list
# Pakistan honors murdered reporter with top award
Central Asia
# Why Euromaidan is not spreading to other post-Soviet states
# 118-year-old woman reportedly dies in Kazakhstan
# Turkish bank willing to fund Azerbaijan energy project
# Three bear-cubs rescued from captivity in Kosovo
# Serbia unhappy by map in Ukraine promotional video that doesn't include Serbia in Europe
Of Interest
# In defense of American imperialism