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The Rundown -- March 26

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Mar. 25
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RFE/RL Video Roundup - Mar. 25

RFE/RL in the Media
# House bill provides $10 million for increased broadcasts to Ukraine by RFE/RL and VOA
# "Newsweek" quotes RFE/RL interview with Mark Galeotti on Ukraine sanctions
# WorldCrunch cites Daisy Sindelar's piece about Tymoshenko's "Nuland moment"
# Tsarnaev may have escaped U.S. authorities because of spelling error
# Obama says Russia is a regional power, but not a geopolitical foe
# "For Putin, Out With the Old Favorites" - Ellen Barry, "New York Times"
# Putin's fear of technology keeps spies in the dark
# Robert Gates says West has to play long game to challenge Putin
# Website lists Russian "traitors" who opposed Crimea invasion (Russian)
# Ukrainian Catholics say they're forced to flee Crimea
# Ukraine battles to rebuild depleted military
# Russian military expert says Russia will invade Eastern Ukraine by mid-May or not at all
# Most Americans say U.S. doesn't have a responsibility in Ukraine
# Senate likely to pass bill with $1 billion in loan guarantees this week
# "Citizens in Uniforms: Post-Euromaidan Reality" - Anna Zamejc and Pawel Rybicki
# Ukraine battles to rebuild a depleted military
Eastern Europe
# Why Transdniester could be next
# Belarus and NATO discuss new partnership goals
# Iran says one of five abducted border guards has been killed
# Iran resumes monetary aid to Hamas
# Tehran smog clears during Nowruz
# U.S. authorizes academic exchanges with Iran
# "A Cappuccino With the CIA" - Roya Hakakian, "New York Times"
# Video: In U.S. criticism Rumsfeld says "a trained ape" can get a status of forces agreement done
# Murdered Afghan journalist's son regains consciousness
# An assessment of the Taliban's military capability
# Karachi emerging as an "indie music capital"
# "Saudi Arabia's Pilgrimage to Pakistan" - Mai Yamani, Project Syndicate
# Iraq buys $1.5 billion in gold
# First polio case in 14 years
# Azerbaijan to expand representation in NATO
Of Interest
# Can you spot a liar? (The Rundown got 9/10)