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The Rundown -- March 31

# Is Warsaw the only thing standing in between Putin and Europe?
# With addition of Ukrainian ships, Russian Navy now larger than U.S Navy
# Ten reasons Russia is "likely" to invade Crimea
# Seven parts of Russia that other countries can call theirs
# "Putin's Reckless Gamble" - Stephen Sestanovich, "New York Times"
# "My Friend, Stalin's Daughter" - Nicholas Thompson, "New Yorker"
# Ukrainian FM calls Russian FM comments "patronizing"
# "Ukraine's Hopes Riding On a Chocolatier" - Andrew Kramer, "New York Times"
# Ecuador won't recognize Ukrainian government
# Crimea switches to Moscow time
Eastern Europe
# Belarusian and Ukrainian presidents hold talks
# U.S. gives Moldova $10 million to reinforce border
# Moscow reaching out to Gagauzia
# Erdogan's wins big in municipal elections, promises to go after enemies
# Turkey on the road to "Fahrenheit 451?"
# Five things to know about Turkey's social media ban
# Analyzing the election polls
# Potential domestic and external "spoilers" in Afghanistan election
# Afghanistan, India and Iran to sign pact that will give Kabul port access
# "The Interpreters We Left Behind" - Paul Solotaroff, "Mens Journal"
# Pakistani Taliban agrees to extend ceasefire
# Iran's pick for UN Ambassador was a member of group involved in 1979 Embassy hostage-taking
# Iran begins to rock out
# Iran's chief rabbi dies
# Iran and Israel pursue cold peace in Gaza
# "Veiled Truths" - Hossein Fatemi, "New York Times"
Central Asia
# What does Crimea mean for Kazakhstan oil?
# Azerbaijan's warming ties with Iran
# Medvedev says Armenia's customs union roadmap has been implemented
# Glazyev says customs union will be good for all Caucasian states
Of Interest
# French far right has best showing ever in local polls
# Map of countries blocking Facebook, Twitter, YouTube