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The Rundown -- April 9

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Apr. 8
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RFE/RL Video Roundup - Apr. 8

RFE/RL in the Media

# "The New Republic" cites Andriy Kuznetsov's "ominous dispatch" from Luhansk
# Reason cites RFE/RL coverage of crisis in Ukraine
# Rhetoric towards Ukraine and West heats up
# Swedish security services worried about Russia war preparations
# How Moscow is trying to integrate Crimea's Muslims
# Russia court forces closure of Memorial NGO because of "foreign agent" dispute
# "You Can't Beat Putin Because He's Already Won" - Daniel Altman, Foreign Policy
# Did a Russian invasion of Ukraine just get more likely?
# Jewish community leaders in Dnipropetrovsk reject anti-semitism claims
# EU to set up support group for Ukraine economy
# In Luhansk, separatists prepare for "long siege"
# Who are the "human shields" in Luhansk?
# Inside occupied Donetsk
Eastern Europe
# Belarus says it's working on a cure for AIDS
# Tensions high on Ukraine's border with Transdniester
# Moldovan winemakers struggle
# Fewer election complaints than in '09
# Mixed picture emerging from Afghan vote
# "Four Reasons Elections Won't Fix Afghanistan" - Michael Kugelman, "The Diplomat"
# Afghanistan child bride gets second chance at life
# In Pakistan, giant portrait puts face on drone strikes
# On the 9-month-old charged with attempted murder
# Iran wants nuclear deal drafting by mid-May
# Asian ambitions for Iran's Navy?
# Carney says Iran choice of envoy "not viable"
# RT says nuclear talks collapsing
# Domestic tensions "boil" in Iran
# Sen. Rand Paul once said Iraq invasion was for Halliburton profit
# Quality issues emerge with Iraq oil in Asia
# Some parts of Anbar won't have voting because of violence
Central Asia
# Russian Embassy in Dushanbe says local Russians support Ukraine policy
# Kazakhstan's offshore woes
# Putin submits Russia-Armenia military deal for Duma approval
# The Armenians of Estonia
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