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The Rundown -- April 10

RFE/RL Video Roundup -- Apr. 9
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RFE/RL Video Roundup -- Apr. 9

RFE/RL in the Media

# "National Review" cites Rob Coalson's piece on Russian television
# Council of Europe interviews Khadija Ismayilova after hearing on investigative journalism
# Russia says it's near agreement in long sought gas deal with China
# Will Ukraine crisis derail southern gas pipeline?
# Russia did not provide complete information on Tsarnayev
# Analysts say Russia playing for influence -- rather than prepping invasion -- in Ukraine; but might invade anyway
# Is the West prepared for Putin's next move?
# Did NATO expansion set off Ukrainian crisis?
# The difficult life of opposition in Russia's regions
# "The Radical Skepticism of Ukraine's Students" - Peter Pomerantsev, "New Yorker"
# Putin warns Kyiv against irreversible mistakes
# Putin's "beachhead" in eastern Ukraine
# Ukraine's richest man gambles on peacemaker role
# Ukraine halts natural gas imports from Russia
# Pro-Kremlin viral video imagines war in Ukraine
Eastern Europe
# Belarus Free Theatre given UK residency
# Top NATO commander says U.S. troops may be sent to eastern Europe
# More children are dying from explosives left by U.S. forces
# Election day in Afghanistan was more violent than most other days
# The "driving role of Pakistan" in the Afghan war
# An al-Qaeda leader explains Twitter recruitment
# Iran says U.S. reaction to UN envoy choice is unacceptable
# Denying visa would test U.S. influence at UN
# Diplomat also reportedly implicated in Rome death of Iranian dissident
# Ahmadinejad may have just joined Twitter
# Gulen was major issue in Erdogan-Aliyev talks
# Aliyev's selfie with Dutch ambassadors attracts attention
Central Asia
# Kazakhstan mulls criminalizing calls for separatism
# Foreign Ministry offers contest for foreign journalists' reporting in Kazakhstan
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