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The Rundown -- April 14

RFE/RL in the Media

# Read Fred Petrossian in the "Washington Post" on the decline of Iran's blogosphere
# NPR cites RFE/RL on Ukraine crisis
# Al Arabiya uses RFE/RL photo of controversial Iranian diplomat
# Russia spent higher percentage of GDP on arms than U.S. for first time since 2003
# Some 5,000 protest government media crackdown in Moscow
# "It's Time to Stop Romanticizing Russia" - Christian Neef, Spiegel
# Russia's role is to "incite, support and protect" Ukraine militants
# Churkin says up to west to avoid civil war
# Miners have joined the pro-Russia protests in Donetsk
# Ukraine says it can prove Russia coordinated attacks
# U.S. State Department: "Ten more false claims about Ukraine"
# Status of towns in eastern Ukraine as of 9PM
# Abdullah ahead so far in vote count, but runoff likely
# "The diplomatic brain drain" in Afghanistan
# Pakistan says next round of Taliban talks coming
# Judge dismisses murder charge against 9-year-old
# Iran says it's sticking with UN nominee despite U.S. objections
# Iran calls off plan to send warships to Atlantic
# "Are Iran and Israel Trading Places?" - Abbas Milani and Israel Waismel-Manor, "New York Times"
# "Sanctions are Eased; Iran Sees Little Relief" - Rick Gladstone, "New York Times"
# Public executions in Iran draw crowds
# The photographer who stages murders in Iran
# Sarkisian says he won't run for president again
Central Asia
# Kazakhstan fears "Russian spring"
# Kazakh authorities may soon have ability to cut all communications within hours