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The Rundown -- April 17

RFE/RL Video Roundup -- Apr. 16
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RFE/RL Video Roundup -- Apr. 16

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# cites RFE/RL's coverage of Ukraine crisis
# VKontakte founder says FSB asked him to turn over Euromaidan account information
# U.S. says toughest sanctions will only come if Russia invades
# "Playing Putin's Game" - Walter Russell Mead, "The American Interest"
# Duma passes first reading of bill that would end direct mayoral elections
# How McDonalds went from zero to hero in Russia
# Anti- terrorist operation "a spectacular debacle"
# Leonid Ragozin: people in Donbas really hate instability
# "What Drives the Hate in Eastern Ukraine" - Oksana Grytsenko, "Kyiv Post"
# "Why Ukraine's May 25 Election Is So Important" - George Liber, "Moscow Times"
Eastern Europe
# Gagauzia's "tough choice" between Russia and the EU
# Deep corruption at Afghanistan's border crossings
# Do Afghan election results increase chance U.S. will stay?
# Women of Afghanistan "stand to be counted"
# Pakistan Taliban end ceasefire
# A solar solution to Pakistan's gas crisis
# Pakistan publishes list to embarrass tax cheats
# Mother of victim halts Iranian's execution at last minute
# Iran "ready to help Europe" with natural gas
# Could Israel carry out a surprise attack on Iran?
# Azerbaijan and Iran seeking closer military ties
Central Asia
# Kazakhstan considers Aral Sea cooperation with Uzbekistan
# Armenian said to be first person killed in eastern Ukraine violence
# Azerbaijan clamping down on Facebook activists
# Azerbaijan to build Olympic complex
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