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The Rundown -- April 24

RFE/RL Video Roundup - April 23
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RFE/RL Video Roundup - April 23

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# Read Robert Coalson in 'The Atlantic" on Moldova's east-west conundrum
# Lavrov says Russian military response possible
# Putin drops plan to boost economy through spending
# Sweeping new law could result in ban of Google, Facebook and Skype, among others
# "Russia Is in No Economic Shape to Fight a War" - Anders Aslund, "Moscow Times"
# So far 16 reportedly kidnapped by pro-Russian insurgents
# Surveys overwhelmingly say no to separatism
# A chilling profile of Slovyansk's two 'mayors'
# Poll shows Poroshenko with close to 50 percent support
# Infographic: Minister level appointments in Ukraine
Eastern Europe
# Nicholas Kristof says Moldova should win gold medal for "bravest nation"
# Adam Michnik says Putin building "neo-Soviet empire"
# "Washington Post" profiles Abdurrashid Dostum
# Afghanistan could create "meaningful" aerospace industry
# In Afghanistan, childhood a full-time job
# Pakistan Supreme Court moves to prosecute military officials for failing to produce missing persons
# Saudi prince bags 2,100 endangered houbara bustards in Pakistan --
# Fifty reported polio cases this year in Pakistan
# Iran denies role in Bahrain unrest
# Iran removes official in charge of prisons after controversy over reported violence
# U.S. and Iran coming closer to a deal
# U.S. soldier accused of killing two teens in Iraq in 2007
# Erdogan offers condolences for 1915 Armenian killings
# Azerbaijan deports eight Turkish nationals -- allegedly Gulenists
# Armenia considers outlawing anonymous comments online
Central Asia
# Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan agree on establishing common navigation space
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