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Russian Propaganda And Russian Minorities In Eastern Europe

Russia -- Pedestrians walk past an wall painting depicting a map of Crimean peninsula bearing the colours of Russia's national flag in Moscow, March 31, 2014
Propaganda has always served as a useful tool for authoritarian regimes to shape perceptions, manipulate events, create false narratives, and justify their own actions. Today, many Russian media outlets are actively reporting alarming “news” about the alleged violations of the rights of Russian communities living abroad, while other, independent media that present opposing views are branded as "traitors." Russian President Vladimir Putin used such false claims in his efforts to justify his country's recent annexation of Crimea.

WATCH: Russian Propaganda And Russian Minorities In Eastern Europe

Russia’s use of nationalist propaganda is not limited to Ukraine: Russian propaganda targets communities in Moldova, Georgia, the Baltic states, eastern Ukraine, the Balkans, and of course Russia itself. What are the dangers to democracy and security of this destructive Russian campaign? Should NATO allies such as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania be concerned? Should NATO itself be concerned? And how should the United States and Europe meet the challenge of this destructive Russian narrative?

Join us for a spirited and lively conversation to discuss these questions and possible consequences for Europe.

Ambassador Kurt Volker, Executive Director
The McCain Institute for International Leadership

Damon Wilson, Executive Vice President, Atlantic Council

Natalya Sedletska, Fellow, RFE/RL Ukrainian Service
Ildar Gabidullin, Fellow, RFE/RL Tatar-Bashkir Service
Ivan Beliaev, Fellow, RFE/RL Russian Service
Jaroslav Zajicek, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of the Czech Republic

From Prague: Nenad Pejic, Interim Manager, RFE/RL and Editor-in-Chief for Programming
From Prague: Irina Lagunina, Director, RFE/RL Russian Service
From Riga: Andrejs Pildegovičs, Foreign Ministry State Secretary

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