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The Rundown -- April 28

RFE/RL in the Media

# "The Nation" interview says RFE/RL harbored Ukrainian ultranationalists post-WWII
# Sen. Roger Wicker and Rep. Aaron Shock criticize proposed RFE/RL Balkans Service cuts on Fox News
# McClatchy quotes RFE/RL journalist Bogdana Kostiuk on the propaganda war being waged over Ukraine
# "Washington Post" cites Brian Whitmore story on Putin's Internet crackdown
# "Atlanta Journal Constitution" and Newsy cite Daisy Sindelar's piece on Pavel Durov
# "Jerusalem Post" cites Golnaz Esfandiari on shaved head protests in Iran
# BBC interviews Khadija ismayilova about recent crackdown on journalists and activists Azerbaijan
# White House says sanctions to include Russian defense industry
# "Sanctions Revive Search For Secret Putin Fortune" - Peter Baker, "New York Times"
# Russian liberals warn of "painful landing" after euphoria dies down
# Russian police crash LGBT film screening in Saint Petersburg
# "Why Neo-Containment Should Not Extend to Arctic" - Robert Murray and Tom Keating, CIC
# Another strange day in Slovyansk
# Separatists seize Donetsk TV headquarters
# Poroshenko says U.S. has let Ukraine down
# What Russia might gain from decentralized Ukraine
# Video: Pro-Ukraine football ultras attack pro-Russia protesters in Kharkiv
# "The War on Truth in Ukraine" - Keith Darden, "New York Times"
# The dispatch Ostrovsky was working on before detention
# Is political protest growing under Rohani?
# Zarif says most Iranians will support diplomatic deal with West
# Car bomb attacks continue in Iraq
# "Iraq's Never-Ending War" - David Ignatius, "Washington Post"
# Flooding kills more than 100 in Afghanistan
# Mounting uncertainty as Afghanistan heads to runoff
# Karzai-appointed Afghan panel claims to find secret prisons
# Attack on journalist starts battle in Pakistan press
Central Asia
# "What Putin's New Soviet Union Would Look Like" - Vladimir Frolov, "Moscow Times"
# Lavrov decries parallels between Ukraine and Kazakhstan
# Turkish civil society paves way for Erdogan Armenian opening
# Conservatives win in snap Macedonia elections
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