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The Rundown -- May 19

RFE/RL in the Media
# "USA Today" republishes Claire Bigg's piece on torture in eastern Ukraine
# NPR, Business Insider and Asia Times cite RFE/RL reporting on Russian rocket breakup
# Rim Gilfanov writes in Al Jazeera on the difficult choice for Crimean Tatars
# "The Guardian" quotes RFE/RL Crimean journalist Nadzhie Femi on situation of Crimean Tatars
# "Washington Post" cites RFE/RL on anti-gay activists building wall around gay nightclub in Kazakhstan
# Daily Beast cites interview by RFE/RL Russian Service's Dmitry Volchek with Sergei Lefter -- a journalist who was tortured
# CNN uses video from RFE/RL Iraq service of fighting in Fallujah
# Does Akhmetov hold eastern Ukraine's balance of power?
# Orban repeats call for Hungarian autonomy in Ukraine
# Two LifeNews journalists detained
# Duma considers ban on condom advertising
# A chance to save the Russian internet?
Eastern Europe
# Ukraine crisis to be "game-changer" for NATO
# Afghanistan to launch 4g
# Abdullah Abdullah was once known as "the messenger of death"
# Afghanistan and Pakistan mull $5 billion trade expansion
# Pakistan's "Radio Mullah"
# MasterChef goes to Pakistan
# Rohani says Internet controls must go
# Iranian Christian converts forming new lives in Germany
# Iran actress's Cannes kiss sparks ire back home
# Tehran ready to offer cash for British embassy attack – but no apology
# Worst floods in a century in Bosnia and Serbia
# Dobrica Cosic dies
Central Asia
# Airbus discusses cooperation with Tajikistan
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