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The Rundown -- May 26

Kyiv Voters Share Their Hopes
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Kyiv Voters Share Their Hopes

RFE/RL in the Media

# NYT runs an editorial titled "The Pitch of America’s Voice," devoted to the U.S. federal broadcast outlet Voice of America.
# Eurasia Review reprints an analysis by Charles Recknagel “Ukraine Missing The Vote: Fear Trumps Election Hopes In Donetsk.”
# Joshua Kucera cites RFE/RL in his piece “Again Testing Armenia's Loyalty, Russia Offers More Tanks To Azerbaijan” published by Eurasia Net.
# Six Reasons Why Putin Seems To Have Lost In Eastern Ukraine - Paul Roderick Gregory, Forbes

# Mladic Defense Case Starts With Sarajevo, Eurasia Review
# War-torn and impoverished, Bosnia faces rebuild once again after floods, Guardian

# Armenia Is an International Superpower—at Chess - Anoosh Chakelian, New Republic
# Armenia: Controversial Communist To Get Statue In Yerevan? - Marianna Grigoryan, Eurasia Net

# Obama makes surprise visit to Afghanistan, USA Today
# Afghan election: Half of electoral staff sacked, BBC News
# Afghanistan's Women Emerge. Although life for many Afghan women remains abysmal, some pioneering leaders are inspiring hope - Anna Loshkin, The Diplomat
# Gains - and danger - spur women in Afghanistan - Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe
# US Collecting All Cell Phone Calls in Afghanistan - Thomas Gaist, Global Research
# Pakistan PM to attend inauguration of India's new leader Narendra Modi, Guardian
# Pakistan’s Sharif to attend inauguration of Indian PM Modi, FT
# Report highlights plight of Pakistani children, Dawn
# Festering and forgotten, Pakistan's other war burns on, CS Monitor
# Pakistan: At the edge of the abyss? Pakistan's blasphemy law is used to fuel violence and death - Raza Rumi, Al-Jazeera

# Iran Billionaire Hanged for Fraud, NYT
# Make Iran nuclear talks deadline stick, Chicago Tribune
# Uncovering Iran's Nuclear Past: Where to Start? Where to Stop?
"Preventing a nuclear Iran may not require uncovering every last piece of Iran’s nuclear past, or publicly admitting all its previous actions." - Jon Wolfsthal, National Interest
# Dealing with Iran - Abdel Monem Said,

# Iraq: Mutahidoun set to establish a new coalition,

Eastern Europe
# Belarus Free Theater - Generation Jeans, leftlion
# Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski, Poland’s Last Communist Leader, Dies at 90, NYT

Central Asia
# Fleeing a Corrupt Kyrgyzstan, Man Finds Solace in Syrian Jihad, Eurasianet

# In Russia, Tune Changes About Leader in Ukraine, NYT
# Moscow Unlikely to Ease Up on Ukraine After Vote, Experts Say, Moscow Times
# Is Russia reviving its empire? - Vartan Oskanian, Al-Jazeera
# Russia-China gas deal could ignite a shift in global trading - Liam Halligan , Telegraph
# High Casualties in Kremlin's Information War - Victor Davidoff, Moscow Times
# Corruption Forever in Russia? - Kim Zigfeld, American Thinker
# EU Considers Russia Sanctions From Diamonds to Oil and Gas, Reuters

# Pro-European Billionaire Claims Victory in Ukraine Presidential Vote, NYT
# Viewpoint: Ukraine's election turning point?, BBC News
# Russian Separatists In Ukraine Are Nostalgic For The Soviet Union - Matthew Van Meter
# Amid violence, Ukrainians hope to vote their way out of turmoil, CS Monitor
# For Crimea, It’s Russian Troops In, Tourists Out, NYT
# Ahead of Ukraine elections, a generational split on nationalism, WP

Of Interest
# World War I's lasting bootprint. One hundred years later, the 'war to end all wars' is still shaping the geography and geopolitics of the modern world.
# Women of the World review – a study of female diplomats that lacks class
This portrait of the great female agents in the field, and the women who followed them into the Foreign Office, often feels like an upper-class hoot, Guardian
# The Trigger review – reassessing Gavrilo Princip, 'a surprisingly sympathetic figure'
Why did the teenage Bosnian Serb assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914?