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The Rundown -- June 2

RFE/RL in the Media

# HRW mentions RFE/RL Tajik Service in article about Tajikistan censorship
# "Moscow Times" mentions RFE/RL Crimean service showing up in Google search
# "Statesman Journal" cites RFE/RL reporting on Ukraine election
# Reuters mentions RFE/RL Kazakh Service journalist arrested while covering opposition meeting
# "Fiscal Times" says importance of RFE/RL has "dwindled" since Cold War
# Russian Twitter trolls -- from bots to professionals
# How Russia may be cheating on its nuclear treaties
# In Europe, Obama gets second chance to explain Russia strategy
# Russia smoking ban goes into force
# A Jobbik man spying for Russia in Europe
# Moscow Patriarchate a dissenting voice on Ukraine?
# Moscow demands OSCE monitors remain in Ukraine
# The problems with distributing Roshen candy in "DPR"
# A crackdown on journalists and activists in Crimea
# Applebaum: Ukraine wants in, some in western Europe want out
# "In Ukraine War, Kremlin Leaves No Fingerprints" - Sabrina Tavernise, "New York Times"
Eastern Europe
# In Belarus, using power tools to bring down a tower
# The fascinating stories hidden in Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei's Instagram
# Will Russia continue to cooperate with the west in Iran negotiations?
# Major Revolutionary Guard figure killed in Syria
# Iran executes man convicted of "enmity against God"
# UN says 799 killed in Iraq violence in May
# Republicans question Bergdhal deal
# Who are the five released Taliban?
# The sorry state of Pakistan's national airline
# Modi's security team may signal a more "muscular" approach to Pakistan
# "Pakistan's street children: "concrete dreams"
# Gul says he hopes to normalize ties with Armenia
Central Asia
# Tony Blair offers services to Kazakhstan
# International wrestling championship to be held in Uzbekistan
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