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The Rundown -- June 23

RFE/RL in the Media

# GulfNews mentions "crackdown" on RFE/RL in Azerbaijan
# ViceNews uses RFE/RL video of residents fleeing Pakistan's N. Waziristan
# RFE/RL Tajik story about detained academic cited in Toronto Metro News and London Free Press
# Read Daisy Sindelar in "The Atlantic" about an anti-Putin swear that has gone mainstream
# "Sacramento Bee" story asks whether RT is presenting a more balanced view than RFE/RL about "Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria"
# Separatists attack Ukrainian positions despite ceasefire
# "Ukrainian Army Fights Rebels and Neglect" - Caroll Morello, "Washington Post"
# Why separatist movement failed in Kharkiv
# Kyiv's teen-targeted opera
# Putin says he backs cease-fire, but puts troops on alert
# TechCrunch says Skolkovo project "back on track"
# Russian Interior Ministry drafts 10 year plan for combatting online extremism
Central/Eastern Europe
# In alleged recording Sikorski criticizes U.S. for failing to return "blow job"
# Review of Belarus Free Theatre's new production
# Prominent Belarusian rights' activist freed
# ISIL captures major Iraqi border post
# Iraq conflict puts strain on Syrian military
# Iraqi government condemns Kurds for "illegal" sale of oil to Israel
# "It's Not Too Late to Reengage With Iraq'" - Ryan Crocker, "Washington Post"
# U.S.-Iran alliance would be a "disaster" for U.S. and Middle East
# Khamenei opposes U.S. action in Iraq
# Netanyahu says U.S. should avoid it
# Audio appears to portray Afghan election officials organizing widespread fraud using code word, "stuffed sheep"
# The U.S. drones that vanished in Afghanistan without a trace
# A Christian convert, on the run in Afghanistan
# IOC may suspend Pakistan
# Kosovo Albanians clash with police in Mitrovice
Of Interest
# The difficulties of selling work in the digital world