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The Rundown -- June 30

RFE/RL in the Media
# Latin Post cites RFE/RL reporting on Association Agreements signed Friday
# Newsy uses RFE/RL Balkans Service video on Princip's legacy
# New alliances bring old enemies together to fight ISIL advance
# "The ISIS Battle Plan for Baghdad" - Jessica Lews, Institute for the Study of War
# ISIL crucifies eight "moderate" rebels, then displays their bodies
# Lebanon's lessons for Iraq
# Khamenei says Iraq conflict not Sunni-Shia, but between "humanity and barbarity"
# Shi'ite Iran and Sunni Qatar promise to "fight terror" together
# Israel's former ambassador to U.S. says "the lesser evil is the Sunnis over the Shi'as"
# The effect of turmoil in Iraq on Iran nuclear negotiations
# Abdullah says he will not accept any election commission decisions
# How can Afghanistan escape the "aid bubble?"
# Social media in Afghanistan grows with expansion of 3g networks
# Pakistani teen set alight after rejecting marriage proposal; another couple hacked to death over unapproved marriaged
# Foreigners avoid "killer mountain" following last year's terror attack


# Ihor Kolomoisky has a shark tank in his office, and more in a "Wall Street Journal" profile of the powerful Dnipopetrovsk governor
# Thousands gather in Kyiv to protest cease-fire
# In U.S. nudge, Russia sends planes and experts to Iraq
# Is Russia "replacing U.S." in Iraq?
# Responding to flood of anti-Ukraine propaganda, Russian website stops aggregating trending news
# U.S. reportedly appointing former Ambassador to Ukraine Mark Tefft to post in Russia (Kommersant, in Russsian)
# Video: Elton John to try to talk to Putin about gay rights on next trip to Russia
Central/Eastern Europe
# Vandals deface Lipka Tatar mosque in eastern Poland
# Lavrov denies Russia's role in Polish leak scandal, but says tapes show "political realism"
# Belarus university in exile looks to the West
Central Asia
# Kazakhstan says deeper energy ties with U.S. coming
# Jury selection begins in trial of Tsarnayev friend
Of Interest
# PHOTOS: LGBT couples in the early 20th century
# BBC real time coverage of Archduke Ferdinand assasination
# "On losing" in soccer (2010)