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The Rundown -- July 7

RFE/RL in the Media
# Former BBG governors Dennis Mulhaupt and S. Enders Wimbush defend international broadcasting congressional legislation in "Weekly Standard"
# Global Voices cites RFE/RL Turkmen Service reporting on Turkmenistan wedding "traditions"
# After regaining Slovyansk on Saturday, Kyiv regains four more eastern cities
# Thousands turn out for pro-Russian separatist rally in Donetsk, which may be rebels last stand
# Over three months, Donetsk becomes a "ghost-town"
# Pictures from Kyiv's retaking of Slovyansk
# Ukraine shows "uselessness" of NATO nukes in Europe
# Russian bank head is no "Putin yes-man"
# Crimea euphoria fades for some Russians
Eastern Europe
# Moldova bans Rossia 24 for six months
# "How Iraq Became Obama's War" - Jeff Greenfield, Daily Beast
# Is Iraq's Sunni-Shi'ite conflict really about religion?
# "Ahmad Chalabi: From Pariah to Iraq's Next Prime Minister?" - Martin Chulov and Spencer Ackerman, "The Guardian"
# "Don’t Overestimate the Islamic State" - Michael Rubin, "Commentary"
# Iranian pilot killed defending shrine in Iraq
# "Iran Pursues Subtle Strategy on Iraq" - Bill Spindle, "Wall Street Journal"
# Recycling, Iranian style
# "Obama Tested By Iran" - Christina Marcos, "The Hill"


# Afghanistan looks to Indian smart cities as example
# Afghan troops struggle to retake Helmand; Taliban leader killed there
# Afghanistan warns to "use Facebook responsibly"
# Father and four others charged in stoning death of pregnant woman
Central Asia
# Uzbek referee Irmatov has officiated more games than any other in World Cup history
# Armenians worried over potential Erdogan presidency
# "Azerbaijan and the Two EUs" - Today's Zaman