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The Rundown -- July 8

RFE/RL Video Roundup - July 7
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RFE/RL Video Roundup - July 7

RFE/RL in the Media
# Abubakar Siddique's book, "The Pashtun Question," reviewed by Eurasianet, Friday Times, and "Open" magazine
# Read Golnaz Esfandiari in Informed Comment on how Iran's special forces are intervening in Iraq
# Foreign Policy cites Antoine Blua's obituary of Shevardnadze
# Yahoo News uses RFE/RL Iraqi Service video of Indian nationals being forced to flee
# Dugin warns of backlash against Putin if he doesn't help pro-Russian separatists
# Duma passes law banning advertising on non-state TV
# NTV airs death threat against Olga Romanova
# Mike Tyson to Russian reporters: "Get out of the Ukraine!"
# Ukraine rebels retreating for last stand
# Ukraine demanding return of combat dolphins from Russia
Eastern Europe
# Belarus and Kazakhstan refuse to support trade sanctions against Ukraine
# Iraq political impasse deepens
# U.S. officials say ISIL quarreling with Sunni allies
# "Getting the Sunni Gang Back Together" - Steve Coll, "New Yorker"
# "Iraq — or Sunnistan, Shiitestan and Kurdistan" - Jake Flanigan, "New York Times"
# Baghdadi wore a $6000 watch during Iraq speech
# Iran leaders split over support for al-Maliki
# Iran Nuke talks making little progress, according to diplomats
# Iran considering U.S.-trained economist as new UN envoy
# Iranian cleric on state TV calls Jews "sorcerers"
# Afghanistan election commission says Ghani wins, but Abdullah rejects results
# Kerry expresses "gravest concern" about potential Abdullah parallel government
# "Guardian" profile of Ghani
# Baku basks in architectural attention
# Eduard Shevardnadze dies
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