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The Rundown -- July 24

RFE/RL Video Roundup - July 23
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RFE/RL Video Roundup - July 23

# Vostok Battalion commander admits separatist fighters had a BUK
# Communist Party ousted from Ukraine parliament
# The unconventional beliefs of Ukraine separatist leader Borodai's father
# A Dutch reporter covering Ukraine since December on reporting MH17
# Ukraine accuses Russia of shooting down two of its jets
# Pomeranstev on seeing MH17 unfold from Moscow
# Russia's "megarich are losing billions"
# "Putin Isn’t Panicking" - Masha Gessen, Slate
Eastern Europe
# Belarusian volunteers join Ukraine conflict on both sides
# "Iraq Isn't Our Fight? Think Again" - Emily Manna, Georgetown Public Policy Review
# Islamic State smuggling oil
# al-Maliki rejects attempt by Iran to persuade him to step down
# "Iran Collides With International Community in Mideast Conflicts" - Tom Ridge and Patrick Kennedy, "Roll Call"
# Christian reportedly sentenced by Iranian judge to have his lip burnt with a cigarette for eating during Ramadan
# Iran's reformist papers accused of lackluster Gaza coverage
# Death sentence given in AP photographer's killing
# "A US-Backed Militia Runs Amok in Afghanistan" - Matthieu Akins, Al Jazeera
# Afghan election result hinges on squabble-prone audit
# Pakistan and India to meet for first time since Modi victory
Central Asia
# Scholar accused of spying in Tajikistan released on bail
# Labor migration creates orphan conundrum in Tajikistan
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