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The Rundown -- August 11

RFE/RL in the Media
# BBC cites Frud Bezhan's interview with expert on Iraq crisis
# Latin Post cites RFE/RL reporting on Iraq crisis
# Kyiv threatens to cut off flow of Russian oil and gas to Europe
# "Why Arming Ukraine is a Bad Idea" - Kimberly Marten, "Washington Post"
# Ukraine strategy gambles on restraint by Russia
# Is the battle for Ukraine's east about fracking?
# Exxon Mobile starts drilling in Russian Arctic
# Will Russia start blocking websites in real time?
# "Daching: How to Get Beaten Up in the Russian Countryside" - Aleksei Ermenko, "Moscow Times"
# The most important sentence in Obama's Iraq statement
# Opportunity for Moscow in Iraq instability
# "Oil and Irbil" - Steve Coll, "New Yorker"
# At least 39 killed in Iranian plane crash
# "Sex of every kind" taking place outside marriage in Iran
# "Iran Ignores a Lucrative Deal Over its Nuclear Activities" - Reuel Marc Gerecht and Mark Dubowitz, "Washington Post"
# New Kerry-brokered Ghani-Abdullah deal
# Amnesty says U.S. concealed "war crimes" in Afghanistan
# Afghanistan lessons learned
# Imran Khan calls for million-strong protest to pressure Pakistan government
Central Asia
# Kazakhstan won't participate in Russia food import ban
# Putin holds talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan presidents
Of Interest
# The glamorous life of a White House journalist