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The Rundown -- August 21

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Aug. 20
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RFE/RL Video Roundup - Aug. 20

RFE/RL in the Media

# Wolfgang Renicke, writing in Project Syndicate, suggests RFE/RL create a Hungarian service
# "Wall Street Journal" Marketwatch cites RFE/RL report about Ramzan Kadyrov's cell phone search
# Read Golnaz Esfandiari in Informed Comment about Iranian officials' reaction to an Iranian woman winning a prestigious math prize
# Read Anna Shamanska in the "Atlantic" on Russian TV's efforts to tie Ukrainian leaders to separatists
# Read Tom Balmforth and Glenn Kates in the "Guardian" on the painting of a Stalin tower in Ukrainian colors
# Read Glenn Kates in the "Guardian" on who's in and who's out among the separatists
# Ferguson perfect for Russian trolling
# Russia closes four McDondalds for sanitary violations
# Russia wants Bulgarians to stop vandalizing Soviet monuments
# "The Top Secret Family Life of Vladimir Putin" - Owen Matthews, "Newsweek"
# "Plenty of Room at the Top of Ukraine’s Fading Rebellion" - Andrew Kramer, "New York Times"
# "Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault" - John J. Mearsheimer, "Foreign Affairs"
# Richard Branson has a plan to solve the Ukraine crisis
# Ukraine super-rich helping fund and fight
Eastern Europe
# Not sure if this is real
# The social media strategy behind James Foley's murder
# One Yazidi refuses to convert so IS kills everyone
# Vice Video: Yazidis from mountain have mostly fled to Syria, under protection of PKK
# UN calls Iraq most rapidly developing humanitarian disaster in recent memory
# Iran's parliament dismisses moderate science minister
# "Sanctions Cause Iranian Airplane Crashes" - Amir Handjani, "The Hill"
# Iran "giving advice" to Iraqi Kurds
# Photojournalist held in Iran released on bail
# Afghanistan orders expulsion of "New York Times" correspondent
# Coalition soldier stabbed to death in Afghanistan
# Protesters threaten violence in Islamabad
# "The Fate of Feminism in Pakistan" - Bina Shah, "New York Times"
Central Asia
# Satellite: Where China and Kazakhstan meet
Of Interest
# How Norwegian public radio is using Snapchat to attract younger audiences
# Should Twitter and YouTube remove Foley images?