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The Rundown -- August 26

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Aug. 25
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RFE/RL Video Roundup - August 25

RFE/RL in the Media
# CNN uses RFE/RL video of Pakistan protests
# Book on history of RFE/RL mentioned in Daily Beast story about a potential victims of Communism memorial
# Baltic Times cites RFE/RL on Abkhazia elections
# AP witnesses Russian weapons convoys rolling into east Ukraine
# "Russia is Already Invading Ukraine" - David Frum, "Atlantic"
# Sanctions limiting Russian lenders' access to foreign financing
# In Donetsk, woman accused of helping Ukraine, forced to take humiliating public abuse
# Poroshenko dissolves parliament
# Turchynov says military action likely to end by October
# Slim chance of progress at today's Poroshenko, Putin, EU meeting
# Higher number of Ukrainians support Ukrainian independence than ever before
# The mystery over the downed drone
# Iran says it arrested four "spies" associated with its nuclear program
# Iran's divorce rate rising
# On the frontline with the Shi'ite fighters battling IS
# IS accused of ethnic cleansing after Mosul prison massacre
# "ISIS and the New Middle East Cold War" - Gregory Grause, Brookings
# U.S. general in Afghanistan for transition talks
# Financial crisis looming over Afghanistan
# Pakistan cleric warns of 48-hour deadline; but court gives protesters 24 hours to clear avenue
# Frontline: Pakistan’s “Forgotten Crisis
# Former Ambassador: Current Ambassador "ignores bogus charges against rights activists in Azerbaijan"
Of Interest
# Facebook updates "click-baiting" algorithm
# How the NSA built its own secret Google