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The Rundown -- September 4

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Sept. 3
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RFE/RL Video Roundup - Sept. 3

RFE/RL in the Media
# Breitbart cites Luke Johnson's piece on Russians protesting Russian actions in Ukraine
# "Washington Post" mentions Estonian president's time working at RFE/RL
# First video of "little green men" in Ukraine?
# Putin's "peace plan" for Ukraine
# Keith Gessen explores the origins of the local separatist movement in Donetsk
# Inside the "kill zone" of eastern Ukraine
# Obama calls on NATO to fortify militaries of Ukraine and other countries near Russia
# France postpones delivery of warships to Russia
# Russia to conduct major nuclear exercises this month
# The FSB still hangs out at Russian universities
Eastern Europe
# Gagauzia exempted from Russian embargo on Moldovan wine
# Will Europe come to the rescue of Moldova?
# Harrowing video on man who survived IS massacre
# What's next for the would-be-caliphate?
# Rand Paul's strategy to counter IS would involve Syria and Iran
# IS militants have forced Iran to radically shift policy in Iraq
# Women in Iran may be banned from working in cafes
# Afghanistan NATO coalition shrinking fast
# Will women be protected once NATO leaves?
# U.S. rules out mediation to solve Pakistan crisis
Central Asia
# Radioactive container goes missing in Kazakhstan
# Kazakhstan's Al Hilal Islamic Bank eyes regional footprint
# Kansas linguist working on Latinizing Kazakh language
# Erdogan visits Azerbaijan, takes tough line on Armenia over Karabakh
# "Keep Georgia on the Path to NATO" - Luke Coffey, "National Interest"
Of Interest
# Saudi Arabia's mysterious Twitter whistleblower