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The Rundown -- October 7

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Oct. 6
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RFE/RL Video Roundup - Oct 6

RFE/RL in the Media
# Atlantic Council cites Crimean unit reporting on discovery of body of Crimean Tatar man
# BBC cites RFE/RL Crimean unit reporting on Putin toilet paper
# "The National" reports on video sent to RFE/RL from fighters saying they would be willing to support IS
# Russian anti-corruption campaigner seeks UK asylum
# "Russia's Nuclear Euphoria Ignores Reality" - Alexander Golts, "Moscow Times"
# Russia through the nuclear looking glass
# Separatist regions may delay elections until November 9
# Six months later, despair and euphoria in Crimea
# "Ukraine's Copycat War With Russia" - Ian Bateson, Al Jazeera
# Dnipropetrovsk gears up for separatist advance
Eastern Europe
# Unearthing a barbarous past in eastern Poland
# U.S. air strikes targeted French intelligence agent who defected to Al Qaeda
# 19-year-old arrested at Chicago airport, accused of trying to join IS
# IS ammunition has U.S. and Chinese origins
# Leon Panetta: White House misplayed troop talks
# Iranian troops ordered to leave U.S. troops alone in Iraq
# Shi'ite rebels are Yemen's "new masters"
# Afghanistan still ruled by "bickering warlords"
# Addressing drone impact in Pakistan
# China and Iran lock NATO out of Caspian Sea