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The Rundown -- October 13

RFE/RL in the Media
# Robert Coalson's analysis cited in "Washington Post" opinion on East Europeans and Putin
# Foreign Policy and UPI cite RFE/RL coverage of arrests of anti-Putin fans at Belarus soccer game
# PinkNews cites Carl Schreck's reporting on gay Russian teen in U.S. who's afraid to return home
# CPJ on the charges against Khadija Ismayilova
# Foreign Policy says RFE/RL and VOA are "aggressive purveyors" of Syrian Observatory's data
# Who's behind a "shady, propagandistic" photo exhibition in New York
# Boris Nemtsov on Putin's shortcomings in Ukraine
# With economy sinking, Russian elite beginning to express concern
# "Chinese lenders grow wary of Russia" - Jack Farchy and Kathrin Hille, "Financial Times"
# Third defense minister since start of crisis resigns
# "Odessa's Bid to Stay Above Fray is Showing Cracks" - Steven Zeitchik, "LA Times"
# The separatist fighter from Abkazhia leading the fight for Donetsk airport
# Turkey will let coalition use its bases; Kurdish rebels say Ankara's inaction imperil peace talks
# Joint Chiefs chairman says Apaches were used to fend off advance of IS towards Baghdad airport
# "US strategy in tatters as militants march on" - Patrick Cockburn, "Independent"
# Leader of Anbar province calls for U.S. ground troops
# IS now has toll booths
# "Iran Tries to Open for Business" - Sohrab Ahmari, "Wall Street Journal"
# Oil markets "hold their breath" during Iran negotiations
# The "better governance marathon": Ghani's first two weeks
# Chats reveal Indian Mujahideen man’s career dilemma: Syria, Afghanistan or Nepal?
# Greg Mortenson returns to Afghanistan
# Pakistan says 12 dead in border clashes with India
# Nationalists appear to be leading in Bosnia vote
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