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The Rundown -- October 21

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Oct. 20
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RFE/RL Video Roundup - October 20

# CEO of French oil giant dies in Moscow plane crash
# Russia widens crackdown on McDonald's
# "Putin's Coup" - Ben Judah, Politico
# Use of Spice, a synthetic drug, growing in Russia
# A meeting in the U.S. with Russian officials checking on "health and welfare"
# Ukrainian army appears to have used cluster bombs in Donetsk
# Ukraine votes for parliament with "fresh CVs"
# For first time, Communists in danger of not winning seats in parliament
Eastern Europe
# Belarus as "peacemaker" between Russia and West?
# Belarus to re-introduce "vagrancy" has administrative offense
# U.S. appears to be taking advantage of IS gathering around Kobani; extremist group has lost some 400 men there
# IS may have killed 700 in putting down tribal revolt
# Brookings says U.S. must respond to IS social media threat
# Sunni Arabs feel sting of discrimination in northern Iraq
# Iran state media blames Turkey for death of Press TV reporter
# The Saudi Arabia-Iran clash
# West unmoved by Iran "compromises" in nuclear talks
# "On Iran: Congress, Please Step Aside" - Navid Hassibi, National Interest
# Despite $7 billion U.S. campaign, opium production in Afghanistan at record high
# Three massive challenges that will decide Afghanistan's future
# Pakistan's complicated relationship with Malala
# Islamabad said to have world's worst airport