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The Rundown -- October 27

Members of a local electoral commission count ballots at a polling station in Kiev.
RFE/RL in the Media
# Mashable uses video from Ukrainian Service's YouTube page of Darth Vader attempting to vote
# YahooNews uses RFE/RL Ukrainian Service video of soldiers voting
# Read Daud Khattak in Foreign Policy on whether IS can gain a foothold in the AFPAK region
# Russia permanently stuck on winter time
# The life of a Ukrainian refugee family in Murmansk
# "Russia Is Trying to End Sanctions and Save Face" - Vladimir Frolov, "Moscow Times"
# Pro-Western parties dominate Ukraine election
# Voting in eastern Ukraine was difficult
# Al Jazeera reports Slovyansk residents angry at Kyiv (turnout was 28 percent)
# A look at the terrifying lives in captivity of U.S. and British hostages before their beheadings
# PKK offshoot reportedly declares autonomy in SE Turkey
# Iraq regains some ground from IS in Iraq
# Is U.S. losing its focus with emphasis on Kobani?
# Covert video of daily life in IS-run Raqqa
# Iran re-arrests leading human rights lawyer
# The rise of Sufism as a political force in Iran
# "Ebola is a hoax," says Press TV
# Britain ends combat role in Afghanistan
# Pakistan: "A coup that wasn't"
Central Asia
# French appeals court approves extradition of former Kazakhstan energy minister
# A photographic odyssey into the heart of Central Asia
# Armenia and Azerbaijan presidents to meet in Paris
# "Israel Must Not Sell Arms to the Azeris" - Yair Auron, "Haaretz"
Of Interest
# Life as a journalist "inside the Ebola bubble"