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The Rundown -- November 10

RFE/RL in the Media
# "Time" on learning from RFE/RL and VOA that the Berlin Wall had fallen
# YahooNews uses RFE/RL Ukrainian Service video of attempt to pull down statue of Derzhinsky
# Worse shelling in months as OSCE observes convoys
# Anonymous EU officials have harsh words for Ukraine
# "It's No Time for EU Wobbling Over Ukraine" - Judy Dempsey, "Moscow Times"
# In depth investigation on origin of BUK
# China and Russia sign deal on second gas route
# Two brides marry in Saint Petersburg, prompting outrage
# Echo Moskvy under pressure
# Libyan city of Darna pledges allegiance to IS
# Rumors that Baghdadi hit in U.S. air strikes
# Iraqi troops seize parts of important oil refinery town
# The five reasons people join IS
# Time running out for U.S. and Iran on nuclear deal
# U.S. plays "oil card" against Iran and Russia
# Port Authority officer kept sources with ties to Iran attacks
# "Obama's Bet On Iran" - Jackson Diehl, "Washington Post"
# Expats explain why they're staying in Afghanistan
# Three-star general on "why we lost" in Afghanistan
# Ghani seeks to mend fences with Pakistan
# Should China be worried about IS gaining ground in Pakistan?
Central Asia
# Saving Kazakhstan's wild apples
# Thousands join opposition protests in Azerbaijan
Of Interest
# East-West Germany seen from space
# Families of those who died crossing wall remember loved ones