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The Rundown -- November 11

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Nov. 10
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RFE/RL Video Roundup - November 10

RFE/RL in the Media
# "New York Times" says new Russian news agency's network of bureaus resembles structure of RFE/RL
# Reason cites RFE/RL reporting on Ukraine crisis
# Pro-Kremlin analyst says he expects situation in Ukraine to explode in the coming days
# Russian central bank floats ruble
# Russia has yet another international news outlet; CNN, meanwhile, being forced out
# British NGO outlines nearly 40 international incidents involving Russia since start of Ukraine crisis
# "Russia is a Bigger Problem Than ISIS for Obama" - Gideon Rachman, "Financial Times"
# Russia and North Korea sign agreement to deport illegal immigrants
Eastern Europe
# Lithuanian charged with spying for Belarus
# Syrian rebel leader says attacks on IS undermining anti-Assad forces
# Turks increasingly sympathetic to IS
# Inside the CIA's Syrian rebel vetting machine
# Sides appear to still be far apart as nuclear deadline looms
# Khamenei outlines plan to "eliminate" Israel
# Iran's copy of captured U.S. drone takes flight
# European banks accused of facilitating Iran-backed attacks on US troops in Iraq
# New government brings "hope of change" in Afghanistan
# On child labor in Afghanistan
# Secret memo warns IS has "master plan" for Pakistan
# IS posters popping up in Lahore
# OSCE urges Azerbaijan to stop repressions of free media
# Kosovo and Serbia PMs spar on live TV
# "Georgia's Game of Throne" - Christina Maza, Balkanist
Central Asia
# Nervous Kazakhstan "sensitive" about Ukraine question
# Kazakhstan paroles ex-officer jailed for murder of opposition leader
Of Interest
# Facebook app poses dilemma for publishers