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The Rundown -- December 8

Khadija Ismayilova in Prague on May 30, 2013.
RFE/RL in the Media
# Detention on Friday of Khadija Ismayilova covered in "New York Times," "USA Today," Foreign Policy, AP, France 24, CPJ, Amnesty and others
# Global Voices cites RFE/RL Tajik video of women being humiliated for "dishonoring" country in Russia
# In "Guardian" profile, soldier who executed Ceausescu said he learned about revolution from RFE/RL
# Daisy Sindelar's report about LRAD quoted in Raw Story report about Eric Garner protests
# Merkel: Russia "punishing" countries for leaning towards Europe
# "Next: Russia Unplugged" - Maxim Trudolyubov, "New York Times"
# After ruble fall, "traditional Russian fatalism" back in force
# "Crafting a Win-Win-Win for Russia, Ukraine and the West" - Michael O'Hanlon and Jeremy Shapiro, "Washington Post"
# Russian teens sneak onto Saint Petersburg international airport runway and take photos on planes
# Poroshenko says new Minsk talks may take place on Tuesday
# The controversial new Radical Party MP
Eastern Europe
# On gender equality in Belarus
# "A Turkish City on the Frontier of Syria’s War" - Robin Wright, "New Yorker"
# Winter brings fresh threat to refugees fleeing IS
# Israel "sends warning to Assad, Russia and Iran" with Damascus airstrikes
# Canadian IS fighter calls for more attacks in Canada
# "Washington Post" reporter charged in Iran after four months in detention
# Methamphetamine use soaring
# Iran confirms airstrikes against IS in Iraq
# Afghan students find inspiration in IS success
# "New York Times" editorial on "backsliding in Afghanistan"
# Afghan Taliban still use old American textbooks
# Pakistan claims it killed NYC bomb plotter in raid