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The Rundown -- January 2

New Years Eve in Sarajevo
RFE/RL in the Media
# Jeffrey Gedmin relates a "broken window" approach to foreign policy with Aliyev's crackdown on RFE/RL staff in Azerbaijan (Washington Post)
# Independent cites RFE/RL Iraqi Service and Under the Black Flag blog for interview with man once imprisoned with James Foley
# Buzzfeed writes about the RFE/RL and VOA Current Time project
# "Inside Obama's Secret Outreach to Russia" - Josh Rogin, Bloomberg
# Russia's protest movement is in shambles
# Russia's Eurasian Union "already looks like a disaster"
# EU's foreign policy chief seeks "debate" with Russia on role in Europe
# Why you shouldn't get tagged on social media in Russia
# Ukraine says separatists keeping up attacks
# "Ukraine's Facebook Warriors" - David Patrikarakos, New York Times
# Iran, Iraq agree To military pact to combat Islamic State militants
# "Enabling Iran's Nukes" - Omri Ceren, Commentary
# Rubio says new Iran sanctions are coming
# The Iraq war's new heroes
# New Zealand IS militant accidentally broadcasts location via Twitter
# Iraqi media says IS militants have contracted Ebola
# What was achieved and what lies ahead in Afghanistan
# Fears of IS in Afghanistan grow
Central Asia
# U.S. sends five Guantanamo prisoners to Kazakhstan for resettlement
# Armenia officially joins Eurasian Economic Union
# Long read: "A Family Survives the Armenian Genocide and Its Long Aftermath" - Raffi Khatchadourian, New Yorker
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