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The Rundown -- February 13

RFE/RL Video Roundup - Feb. 12
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RFE/RL Video Roundup - February 12

RFE/RL in the Media
# Telegraph and Euronews use RFE/RL Ukrainian Service video of parliament fight
# Guardian republishes RFE/RL on the memes behind the scenes in Minsk
# RFE/RL use of Visme mentioned in Huffington Post
After Minsk
# "A Time Bomb Wrapped in a Ukrainian Peace Deal" - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg
# Heavy shelling follows summit as both sides look to gain ground before ceasefire
# Ukraine headed for "total economic collapse"
# Ukrainian deputies give senator misleading photos
# Ukraine adds bonuses to try to rally troops
Eastern Europe
# EU steps in to reverse Russian embargo on Moldovan fruit
# Shi'ite militias fill military void, but Sunnis fear them
# White House delayed attempt to rescue IS hostages by a month
# Is IS starting to get a little defensive?
# Israel warns that it could unilaterally strike Iran
# Suleimani claims IS is "nearing end"
# "Curtail Iran and Win" - Roger Cohen, New York Times
# Seized computer helping Washington find Al Qaeda operatives
# Top Afghan commander presses for flexibility in troop drawdown
# Pakistan likely knew of Osama bin Laden’s presence, admits former spy chief
# Pakistan braces for major water shortages
# "The View From Azerbaijan" - Tony Barber, Financial Times
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