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The Rundown -- March 30

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (L) talks with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov during a new round of Iran nuclear talks, in Lausanne, March 28, 2015.
RFE/RL in the Media
# Dmitry Volchek and Daisy Sindelar's expose on a Russian troll factory covered by Daily Mail, Newsweek, Independent, Endgadget, New York Post and Express; gets the attention ofSputnik too
# Breitbart cites Golnaz Esfandiari's interview with an Iranian journalist who fled Iran during nuclear talks
# As deadline nears, Iran backs away from key detail, refusing to ship enriched uranium abroad
# Two other issues remain
# Netanyahu says deal "worse" than feared
# "A Calculated Risk" - Steve Coll, New Yorker
Middle East
# Saudi air strikes cripple Yemen air force
# Arab leaders agree to form joint military force
# "Operation Charlie Foxtrot" - David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy
# Russian official says 1,500 from North Caucasus fighting in Iraq and Syria
# Crimean Tatar TV station likely to be shut down
# "Peaceful colonization" is not a strategy for eastern Ukraine
# "What Will the Kremlin Do Next In Ukraine?" - Vladimir Frolov, Moscow Times
# Putin honors two paratrooper brigades with "massive heroism" but says it has nothing to do with Ukraine
# Russia and NASA discuss building a new space station
# "Putin's Economic Team Plays Houdini" - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg
# AP journalist's killer sentenced to 20 years
# "What a Mob Says About the State of Islam in Afghanistan" - Nushin Arbabzadah, Foreign Policy
# "Afghanistan’s Next Chapter" - New York Times editorial
# Two Czech tourists, held captive since 2013, freed
# How will Pakistan respond to the crisis in Yemen?
Central Asia
# Uzbekistan "votes" with 91 percent turnout
# Russian soldier's murder trial to be conducted in Armenia
# "At Home in Armenia" - Juliet Pennington, Boston Globe
Of Interest
# How the Lincoln Memorial might have looked