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ADVISORY: Ukraine/Russia Crisis

A satellite image shows Russian tanks and artillery support equipment parked in Yelnya, Russia January 19, 2022

As Russian military forces and equipment continue to flood into Russian and Belarusian territories adjacent to those countries’ borders with Ukraine, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s (RFE/RL) Ukrainian, Russian and Belarus services and Current Time digital network are reporting the facts on the ground on either side of the Ukrainian frontier. RFE/RL has gathered the best of its company-wide coverage of the crisis in this English-language portal and Live Briefing: Ukraine in the Crosshairs.

RFE/RL experts are available for interview on TV, over the phone, or via email:

Ukrainian Service

  • Sashko Shevchenko, Correspondent, Radio Svoboda (Kyiv)

    English, Russian | mobile: +380.678.827.039 | Twitter: @radiosvoboda

  • Rostyslav Khotin, Senior Editor (Prague)

    English, Ukrainian, Russian | phone: +420.221.122.281 | mobile: +420.777.474.042

  • Maryana Drach, Director (Prague | Kyiv)

    English, Ukrainian, Russian | phone: +420.221.122.296 | mobile: +420.602.612.714 | Twitter: @MaryanaDrach1

Russian Service

  • Andrey Shary, Director (Prague)

    English, Russian | phone: +420.221.123.145 | mobile: +420.602.611.007 | Twitter: @AndreyShary

Belarus Service

  • Aliaksandra Dynko, Senior Editor (Kyiv)

    English, Belarusian, Russian | mobile: +380.956.925.085

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