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Central Asia In Focus: Breadline Beatings In Turkmenistan

TURKMENISTAN — People wait in a queue in front of a state grocery store to buy cooking oil. RFE/RL photo.

In this week’s edition, breadline beatings in Turkmenistan, a victory for maternal names in Kyrgyzstan, the upcoming Uzbek election, and more.

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The Breadline Beatings in Turkmenistan

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    Bruce Pannier

    Bruce Pannier authors RFE/RL's "Central Asia in Focus" newsletter and appears regularly on the RFE/RL's Majlis podcast.

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An authoritarian tide is sweeping through Central Asia, resulting in political repression and a stark retreat in civil liberties. Central Asia in Focus, a weekly newsletter, focuses on key events shaping the course of the region. Author Bruce Pannier shares personal insights informed by his three decades of experience covering Central Asia, and tells his readers what may come next.

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