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The Rundown - July 13

RFE/RL in the media

#Op-ed piece by Kim Andrew Elliot on new BBG in NYT

#Two chairman resign so they can run for parliament, says Hurriyet Daily News

#BBG is listed as the 'most improved' federal agency, reported in 'The Washington Post'
#James Kirchik on Spanish gay rights movement in WSJ


#U.S. and Afghanistan debate more village forces, says NYT

#U.S. efforts to get energy to Southern Afghanis aids Taliban reports WSJ

#Telegraph reports plan by military officials to convince insurgents to ceasefire

#Civilian deaths up, not NATO’s fault, says AP


#David Kramer on Clinton’s visit to Krakow, Tblisi in FP


#Asef Bayat discusses Iranian holidays in a piece in Open Democracy

#LA Times reports relationship between German, Iranian businesses

#Pakistan claims Iranian scientist fled to its embassy, says NYT

#Reuters reports Iran claims Moscow being manipulated by West

#Russia, Iran to move forward on energy “road map”, says Reuters


#NYT on lack of action by Iraqi government


#24 news agency reports approved structure of new Kyrgyzstan gov


#U.S. holds 12th, unnamed person in spy case says WSJ

#NYT reports Russian breakup of Muslim terrorist ring

#Bashkir president on the verge of resignation reports Moscow Times

#Interesting NYT piece on abduction in North Caucasus


#Convicted Uzbek journalist Sayid addresses UN in letter says Ferghana

International Media
Joshua Keating of 'Foreign Policy'details the sleaze epidemic that is infecting democracies worldwide

#Charlie Szrom on how al Qaeda chooses its targets in AEI’s Critical Threat Project

#Egyptian opposition group claims 21,000 signatures, says The National

#Israel finds flotilla killings justified, reports NYT

#Reuters reports world negotiations on an arms treaty