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The Rundown - July 9

RFE/RL in the media
# Imprisoned Kazakh journalist goes on hunger strike, reports 'Committee to Protect Journalists'
# James Kirchick discusses Web Access as a legal right
# Golnaz interviews accalaimed Iranian graphic artist, Marjane Satrapi, in 'Foreign Policy'
# 'The Wall Street Journal' positively reflects on Pres. Obama's choices for Afghanistan
# 'Foreign Policy' discusses Gates' claims that the Pentagon didn't leak the McChrystal report
# Georgia claims the world's oldest person at age 130, in 'The Moscow Times'
# Iranian authorities announce that a Iranian woman will not be stoned to death for adultery, reports 'The BBC'
# Mike Wooldridge of 'The BBC' reviews the history of stoning in Iran
# Sam Dacher of 'The New York Times' details smugglers attempts to blunt the effect of Iranian sanctions
# Charles Robb and Charles Wald discuss the limitations of US sanctions
# Ed O'Keefe of 'The Washington Post' discusses PTSD claims
# 'The Christian Science Monitor' profiles Gen. Mattis who will head US Central Command
# Kyrgyzstan lobbied for $500 million in aid to restore key population centers, reports 'Reuters'
# Jane Perlez of 'The New York Times' details a suicide bomber attack that killed more than 50 people and wounded about 100
# Ahmed Humayun discusses Pakistan's suspicious and growingly disenchanted public, in 'Foreign Policy'
# The US-Russia spy swap is confirmed and underway, reports 'The BBC'
# AP covers which of the spy children are staying and which must go
# MSNBC does a roundup of US-Russian spy swaps throughout history
# Art trials reveals Russian authoritarianism streak, reports 'The New York Times'

# Ukraine's Yanukovich moves to strengthen powers, reports Reuters
Foreign Policy
# Chris Good of 'The Atlantic' discusses Sen. Lugar vs. Romney on START
# UN Sec. Council will formally condemn the sinking of a South Korean ship, in "CNN'
# Israel vows to begin direct peace talks with the Palestinians, reports 'The New York Times'
International Media
# Google announces that it has renewed its Chinese license, reports 'Reuters'